Lyme Disease

“Treat the patient not the infection” – Bechamp

Do you have five, ten, or all of these symptoms? 

Joint pain or swelling
Neck pain or stiffness
Muscle pain or cramps
Tingling, numbness, burning sensations
Unexplained fevers, chills, sweats
Swollen glands
Facial paralysis
Blurry or double vision
Vertigo or dizziness
Poor balance

Brain fog and confusion
Difficulty concentrating
Poor memory
Mood swings, irritability, depression
Disturbed sleep
Exaggerated symptoms from alcohol
Heart palpitations or racing heart
Constipation or diarrhea
Unexplained weight changes

(This is not a complete list of all lyme symptoms)

Have you sought medical attention for any of these symptoms and you still aren’t well?

Then you’ll want to keep reading….

I didn’t start my practice thinking I wanted to focus on the treatment of lyme disease. But when I discovered that I had lyme disease, and had had it for 25 years, it became a sort of passion. Read more about my story here.

My experience with lyme disease taught me more than I could have imagined, and paved the way for me to help others with Lyme Disease (and other chronic infections). Read more about what your journey would look like here.

The manner in which I treat lyme disease is not conventional. You will not be prescribed years of multiple antibiotics, anti-parasitics, and other pharmaceuticals or natural remedies to eradicate the infection. Instead, we use the power of magnet therapy, which I have found to be tremendously effective, both personally and clinically. This therapy has proven, in my experience, to be much gentler than other lyme therapies, and considerably more effective in a shorter period of time.

Before we get to the actual treatment of lyme disease and co-infections, it is necessary to evaluate whether your body and immune system are ready for it. Ready for it you ask?

Germ Theory Versus Terrain Theory

If we look at Pasteur versus Bechamp from the 1800’s, we see two theories on infections. Pasteur said the germs/infections, were the issue and needed to be treated. Bechamp said that poor terrain allows for the germs/infections to thrive in the body and by changing the terrain, or optimizing health, the germs would not be able to thrive. I resonate most with  Bechamp’s theory because I see this play out on a daily basis within my patients. Simply focusing on eradicating the germ and not paying attention to and treating why the germ was allowed to set up shop, rarely is successful in resolving long standing infections.

Pasteur’s perspective leaves us reliant on forces outside of us, medications, vaccinations, surgeries.

Bechamps perspective gives people power. Power to take back their health in order to prevent disease or infection. In this day and age of COVID, where we are all left feeling  vulnerable to a new germ, this is very important to remember. We do not need to sit back and wait for an effective new drug or vaccine to come and save us. We can work towards building healthier internal terrain so the germ does not have the opportunity to take up residence, and if it does decide to befriend us, we have a better chance of having a mild illness when we possess health.

So what does building a healthier terrain look like?

  • Diet – eating a diet full of organic, good quality, vegetables, fruits, and primarily lean proteins encourage alkalinity in the body. Eating a diet full of processed foods, sugar, poor quality fats and proteins encourage acidity in the body. Acidity allows germs to live more strongly. Alkalinity discourages germs from setting up shop. You choose.
  • Emotions – unresolved emotional traumas, uncontrolled stress, and negative belief patterns,  negatively affect us down to the cellular level and has a damaging effect on our internal terrain.
  • Lifestyle – drugs, alcohol, smoking, poor sleep, excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields (from computers, phones, and tablets), are all detractors to health.
  • Structure – vertebrae in the spine house nerves that feed organs, so when a vertebrae is subluxed or malaligned, that affects how the organ receives the signal from the nerve, which in turn can affect the way an organ functions. Also, when there is a restriction in any tissue, bone, nerve, brain, organs, vasculature, muscles, this negatively impacts functions within the body. Correcting these issues through spinal manipulation and cranial sacral therapy helps to restore function in the body and supports a stronger immune system.
  • Toxins – It’s no secret that our world is increasingly becoming more toxic. No one escapes the effects of this. When toxins are stored within our tissue, our organs and every other part of us, become compromised. Toxins also suppress our immune system, leaving us more vulnerable to germs.

Simple enough, right?

When we get all the factors affecting your terrain to shift into a more positive influence on your body, then we can have rather ‘quick’ success in treating lyme disease.

Of course some patients may have many more negative influences to their bodies than others and may require a longer process to treat.

My blogpost, Your Journey with Lyme Disease, was written nearly 4 years ago from the date of this writing. In that time I have continued to finetune the process of treatment for lyme and have seen ever better results. I have realized that if there are any ‘boulders’ in the road negatively impacting your immune system, those MUST be resolved before moving on with the magnet treatment. In taking this approach, I now see around 80% of patients having resolution of their primary symptoms within 8 months of the magnet therapy. Yes, you heard me right.

Deciding how to proceed with the treatment of a chronic infection is difficult. Please feel free to contact the office to set up a free 15 minute consultation if you still have any questions. I truly look forward to helping you.