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dna gene for be well family medicine Were you told that you had an MTHFR gene mutation? Or some other genetic mutation?

Whether it was homozygous or heterozygous, these are 5 ways you can improve your genetic expression...

But first…
    * A gene is inherited from your parents, grandparents, etc.
The study of epigenetics says that genetic expression is influenced by external factors. Bruce Lipton, PhD
has been instrumental in bringing awareness to this life-changing study of medicine. And it fits perfectly
within the realm of the naturopathic medical model that I practice from, because these external factors include
food, toxins, thoughts, etc, all of which natural medicine can really help with!

 This is directly from Bruce Lipton’s website…


Be Well Health QuestionsNeither.

You might have noticed that this is a hot topic as of late. I have had many people ask
me my opinion. And believe me, I have opinions. But, it’s one of those topics that you
tread lightly around, just like asking someone how much money they make, or what
your religious beliefs are. You tread lightly because they are HEATED topics. You can
find those who are adamantly opposed. or adamantly against vaccinations.
But I am neither. I am ADAMANTLY FOR the health of you and your children.

Let me paint a picture for you, so you understand where I am coming from...


Be Well New Years 2015 photo





I really am not a fan of telling people what to do, even though my job consists of
patients coming to me looking for me to essentially tell them what to do in regards
to their wellbeing. But, at the start of this New Year, I’d like to take this opportunity
to tell you what to do.

Let me explain…


Be Well Diet Image

For decades we have been obsessed with 'diets' and with questions like...
What's the best diet to help me lose weight, lower my cholesterol, cure my
diabetes, etc?.... But really, it's very simple. Stay out of the middle of the
grocery store! This is where all the processed foods lurk.

Processed foods are filled with poor quality fats and loads of sugar, or
ingredients that quickly turn into sugar after you eat them.  It has been
proven that this type of diet increases your chances, of diabetes,
cardiovascular disease, obesity, and even depression, anxiety, and fatigue...


Be Well and Eat Healthy
This past winter I went on a corn binder. I was busy... and the Mexican restaurant was convenient. Not to mention delicious!

I already knew that when I ate corn it made me bloated, I didn’t know what else it was doing to me…

Two months into the winter I started feeling irritable (sorry babe!). And angry. And frustrated. And impatient. My usual chipper self on waking had left. Then I started feeling bloated and was gaining weight. I started to notice that it was worse the day after I ate corn. Hmm...


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