Your Journey with Lyme Disease

February 28, 2017

If you haven’t read ‘My journey with Lyme Disease’, stop here, read it, and then come back.


Lyme Disease…


My Journey has schooled me in Lyme Disease, literally and figuratively, and it has given me the knowledge, wisdom, and passion to help you with your Lyme journey. I see that as a blessing. This is my story of how I have come to help you in your story.


I chose an alternative path in treating my Lyme disease.

When you get a Lyme diagnosis it’s not easy to decide what to do about it. As I see it, here are your options…

1) Do nothing.

2) Pursue conventional treatment of antibiotics and antiparasitics…

In this scenario you will often find yourself with a temporarily permanent PICC line put into a large vein that carries blood (and therefore antibiotics/antiparasitics) back to your heart. That’s a great idea…. unless you need a rocking immune system to get over Lyme disease (which you do. Antibiotics kill off your good gut bugs, and FYI, at least 70% of your immune system are those good gut bugs we house in intestines.) It could also be a good idea, unless…. ticks also carry viruses, and guess what? They do. I find most Lyme patients to have between one and four tick borne viruses. And so what happens if you ARE lucky enough to kill off all the tick borne bacteria and parasites (which often takes years of continuous antimicrobial agents), well you are still left with said viruses. And guess what, you still have Lyme disease.

(Technically speaking ‘Lyme Disease’ is caused by the bacteria Borrelia Burgdoferi, and all the other tick borne bugs are considered ‘co-infections’. But the reality is, all of them cause symptoms that affect your ability to live your life and look like some version of ‘Lyme Disease’. For all intents and purposes, we can call any tick borne infection Lyme Disease. Now back to your options)…


3) Natural medicine, which includes herbal antimicrobials, homeopathics, nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and anything else natural I may be forgetting…

This can be a great option! And this is how I would be treating patients if I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now…. we’ll get to that. When I tried taking a well know herb that treats Lyme, Cat’s Claw (also called Samento) I felt wretched, and that was after taking a very small amount. By the time I got myself up to 5 drops (increasing by 1 drop daily for 5 days) I was experiencing some serious Herxheimer reactions (aka die-off, where the bugs that are dying release endotoxins into your body and can make you feel like you got hit by a ten ton truck of the flu). I realized very quickly that I wasn’t going to be able to continue to work if I stayed on that path, and someone had to pay the bills! I stopped and re-evaluated my options. This option can also take a year, and not uncommonly more than a year, to treat your Lyme.


4) Magnet therapy… What?

A good friend and colleague had discovered she had Lyme disease a few years prior to my diagnosis. She explored natural medical treatment and also was having a difficult time tolerating it. She was referred to a chiropractor in Idaho, Dr Smith, who developed LymeStop, a treatment using kinesiology/muscle testing and magnets. Two years after her treatment, when I discovered I had Lyme, she was still symptom free. So off I went to the magnet guy.

The tremendously short part of my healing story is that the magnets worked to cure my Lyme disease, which got me thinking… Lyme disease can be successfully treated with energy!! My medical, sciency brain couldn’t quite wrap my head around this, but I experienced it, and it worked, and so my quest for seeking an effective energetic treatment for Lyme was born.


Half of my medical practice is doing cranial-sacral therapy, which basically means I’m working on energy half of my day. I resonated strongly with the study of cranial-sacral therapy from the first class I took a decade ago, and from there I have had the great honor of practicing alongside of Dr. Paul Lee, DO. If you do not know about Dr. Lee, well, you should. He practices cranial osteopathy (what you’d call cranial-sacral as an osteopath) and words really don’t do justice to his abilities as a healer and teacher. I have had the amazing fortune to have him as a mentor, colleague, and friend (family really). There was a perfect storm that came together… I had just been treated successfully for Lyme, I started having a lot of Lyme patients show up to my practice, and Dr. Lee and I had some brainstorming sessions on energetic treatment of Lyme that fueled my passion to move forward.


Through research, experience, and determination, here’s what was born…


The first step is to determine what tick borne infection you have by energetic testing. Energetic what? Let me explain. I learned this style of testing from Dr. Lee. It is similar to kinesiology or muscle testing, yet different. Primary Respiratory Mechanism (PRM, which is an osteopathic term that essentially refers to your chi, prana, core energy, however you want to call it) has a flowing, wave-like motion to it. Anyone can be trained to feel it. The PRM can be tested to determine if a supplement is good or bad for a person, and you can also ask questions of it. I realize to some, this may sound outlandish. For some time now, I have been testing every patient for infections, organ dysfunctions, nutritional deficiencies, etc in this manner, although, I still routinely use bloodwork and imaging as well. The PRM testing is just one tool I use. When I first started this style of testing, I needed to ensure I was getting accurate answers (you see despite it turning out that I’m really energetically sensitive, I am a doctor. I am a doctor who takes her job seriously, responsibly, and by the horns, meaning that if I can find a way to really figure out what the heck is going on inside your body, I’m doing it.) So I started to test all my patients PRM to see if I could find answers underlying their ailments, and when something showed up that I could test with a highly accurate means of testing, I did it. For example, parasites. There is a relatively accurate means to test stool for parasites, and when I energetically found parasites on the PRM testing, and followed it up by a stool test, 95% of the time it came back with parasites being identified. I did this over and over and over. My results were in the 95% range every time. After months of this, I came to trust this as a means of identifying your ailments, despite being a science geek by and large.

Next, I determine where all of the bugs are located, again through energetic testing. I find most of the tick borne infections to be primarily affecting the blood, liver, joints, thyroid, brain, and cerebrospinal fluid. But I also routinely find them hiding in the muscles, spleen, heart, bladder, and gastrointestinal tract.


Now, to treat the infections, I use the north pole of a ceramic magnet on the organ or associated Contact Reflex Analysis points. In CRA there are points on the body that are related to organs. It is very important to use the north pole of the magnet on those with infections. The south pole is like pouring gas on a fire and will flare it up. The magnet creates an alkaline environment, which is inhospitable to bugs, who thrive in an acidic environment. I equate this to the bugs now walking through mud. Versus being able to move like they are on the autobahn (which allows them to quickly evade immune cells that may be out to attack them). While the magnet is in place, I am also stimulating the immune system to recognize the infection. Ultimately it is your own immune system that kills off the bugs. The magnets are usually only needed for 1 to 4 days in a row. This is followed by a nutrition and supplement plan to support the treatment.

 The Results Are In…


The results I am seeing are this; 50% respond beautifully to the treatment, and their symptoms resolve over the course of a few months post treatment. The other 50% have some degree of reduction in symptoms, varying from 10% improvement to 80%. ALL of them are energetically testing negative for any active infection in the body though. So why are some still symptomatic??? In the 50% who still have symptoms, I find them to have a number of ‘layers’ of issues that are driving their symptoms. These can include heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity (including environmental exposures and pharmaceuticals)vaccination toxicity (this is very real AND common), an MTHFR genetic defect (causing a buildup of toxicity in the body that suppresses the immune system), past traumas, high stress, auto-immune diseases (which are usually driven by toxins or infections), etc. For some, despite the fact that they have Lyme disease, it is NOT the driving cause of their symptoms.

I also see a particular pattern time and again; 1) there is an MTHFR genetic defect (this decreases detoxification pathways by either 40% or 70%), 2) there is a toxic exposure (which your body isn’t clearing out effectively), 3) and then you are exposed to a tick born infection. Some of you are born with it, some remember a tick bite (many don’t), some may have been sexually exposed (though the CDC doesn’t recognize sexual transmission, they do recognize that it’s in vaginal secretions and ejaculate). With this combination, your immune system doesn’t stand a chance in fighting off bugs that are really happy to use your body as their home. This is why someone with a healthy immune system can be exposed to a tick born infection and not get Lyme disease, their immune system can deal with it. Now, with the 50% who still have symptoms after treatment of their Lyme, the next step is to determine what else is preventing the body from healing (it’s very often toxicity related) and treat that as well in order to fully regain health.

Lyme Disease

Since I have started treating Lyme Disease with magnets/energetic therapy, I have learned a lot! Each and every patient has taught me how to better the treatment. I have fine-tuned the process over the last year and half to the point where I am confident of its efficacy, but continue to be open to learning and improving on the treatment protocol. I am grateful that my own experience with Lyme Disease has allowed me to help you in overcoming your experience with Lyme Disease. Blessings can come in all kinds of packages!!!



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