Taking Notes From Basil

May 15, 2013

Puppy BasilWhen Basil was 6 weeks old she went for her first walk on a leash. The walk was really a series of a few steps followed by prolonged moments of sitting, as Basil was for the first time taking in the world. Every little sound, sight, smell and taste had to be explored. And when she was overwhelmed by one of her senses she would sit, be still, and watch.

Her actions reminded me how little we take note of the loud roar of a motorcycle driving by, or the sound of children’s voices while they play, or a baseball being sent back and forth between gloves, and on and on. The world is filled with constant stimulation.

When Basil becomes over stimulated, she sits. This very small puppy teaches a wise lesson. We live in a busy world that is ever increasing with our ability to send emails, eat, and listen to the TV all at the same time.

When we live in a world of over stimulation this further contributes to the over stressing of our body, mind, and spirit and is likely to result in ill health. Our adrenal glands and central nervous system becomes the victim first, but eventually ill health will reach other parts of our body as well.

In naturopathic medicine we talk about removing the obstacles to cure. Often times our obstacle is the lifestyle we have created for ourselves. A lifestyle of trying to over achieve, live beyond our means as a way to fulfill some part of our soul, not being satisfied with what we have and who we are, rest when we die.

Is this the way you live? Is this the way you want to live? As a naturopathic doctor, I find myself cleaning up the mess that stress left behind in nearly all of my patients, so I would encourage you to take note from Basil.

Jennifer Letellier Smith, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

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<h3>Dr Jennifer Letellier Smith, ND</h3>

Dr Jennifer Letellier Smith, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

As a naturopathic doctor, I help patients facilitate their journey in healing, bring awareness to a model of health and shift it away from a model of disease, strengthens respect and relations across all medical professions, and in due course, contribute to the healing of our planet.
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