About Your Appointment

As a doctor, I see you as a unique individual, with your own path that led you to where you are today. Listening to your story allows me to understand how to best support and change your course of health. I aim to diagnose your condition or conditions, determine the causes underlying them, and offer non-toxic and effective treatments and therapies allowing for deep healing.

Your first appointment is generally one and a half hours, possibly more depending on complexity. We will review your current health concerns, get a thorough history,  review recent bloodwork you may have, and perform any necessary physical exams (ie. blood pressure, temperature, listen to lungs, etc). I will also determine if any other lab testing or imaging is needed as we get started. Leaving your first appointment you will have an understanding of what factors are affecting your health and have a preliminary course of treatment underway.

Detective work and gathering information are essential to good doctoring. In conjunction with the above methods, I also utilize Primary Response Testing as a means to identify issues within the body. This method allows me to cut to the chase more quickly in determining what factors are involved with your health, and where we need to start.

“Where to start?”

This is a complex question. As part of your story, you have likely encountered physical, chemical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual stressors. These pile up like layers of an onion, leaving an impact and imprint on your body, and eventually result in dis-ease if not tended to. If these layers are not addressed, it is not uncommon for your condition (ex. hypothyroidism) to respond poorly to treatment, or find yourself stuck on a medication (ex. Levothyroxine). I also find it important to treat each layer in an orderly fashion. Your body likes order and doesn’t like to jump ahead of itself. Your body is the most intelligent ‘machine’ out there, and if given the opportunity, can and will heal.