Naturopathic Doctors

Jennifer Letellier Smith, ND

Phone: 970.247.3717

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Be Well Family Medicine

Welcome to Be Well Family Medicine in Durango, Colorado, serving the southwest's four-corners region. The naturopathic medical practice of Dr. Jennifer Letellier Smith provides you with the most comprehensive family health care possible, using cutting edge medical science in combination with time-tested natural therapies . Whether you are experiencing acute or chronic symptoms, or pain , we identify the underlying cause and work to restore health with safe, cost-effective, natural treatments.

We all have the right to live with health and vigor , and free of disease. It can be overwhelming to know where to begin and how to turn your health around, so don't feel you have to do it alone. Call to find out if naturopathic medicine is a good fit for you...

 To schedule your appointment call...

Call 970.247.3717


Naturopathy Consult

Learn more information on rates, and secure your initial complimentary naturopathic consultation with Dr. Letellier Smith by calling 970.247.3717 or by using the online (appointment) scheduler.


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