Be Well Family Medicine

The elegance that Dr. Jennifer brings to her practice of medicine includes a combination of modalities that work harmoniously together:

  • The holistic approach from naturopathic medicine
  • The tools of modern medicine
  • The gentle yet profoundly deep healing that comes from the practice of Cranial-sacral therapy/Cranial Osteopathy
  • The ability to ‘listen’ to your body, which allows for deeper insight into the most effective way to care for you
  • And the guidance she receives from her intuitive abilities
Dr Letellier Smith

Hi, There!
I’m Dr. Jennifer Letellier Smith.

Specializing in the treatment of chronic and challenging health problems in adults and children.



Naturopathic Medicine

Your path is unique. Uncover what and why. Utilize nature. Prevent disease. Understand how your body works. Medicine at it’s finest.

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Lyme Disease

I get it. I had lyme, and no longer do. You can be free too.

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Craniosacral Therapy

You need this. Everyone needs this, because our bodies work around stored emotional, physical, and energetic experiences. When the burden becomes too great, that is when you develop symptoms.

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Energy Healing

“Too many nails in a plank weaken the plank. Take out the nails, fill the holes, and strengthen the plank.” One patients’ beautiful interpretation of energy healing.

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Biotherapeutic Drainage

Life can be toxic. When impurities are reduced, the body works better, and you feel better. Be less toxic.  

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Primary Response Testing

Your body has a lot to share. I listen, so you can Be Well.

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Complete Family
Health Care

“My life and my son’s have been saved from Lyme!”

– JG.

Man and a child holding hands